Welcome Messages


On November 23-25, the European Championship U-16, U-21, and Adults Open Kata-Kumite 2018 will be held in Budapest, Hungary. With this greeting, I would like to congratulate  the organizers, the EKO (European Karate Organization) and the WKO Hungary Branch and the organizers, Arpad Kalmar (General Vice President of Hungarian Karate Federation), and the international patrons, Branch Chief Koen Scharrenberg (EKO President/WKO Vice President), and Branch Chief Michael Soderkvist (EKO Referee Committee Chairman), for the opening of this big event.

Organizing an international event of this scalerequires a lot of hard work and dedication by many people. The WKO Hungary Branch, led by Branch Chief Furko Kalman,  Branch Chief Jozsef Kaloczi, and Branch Chief Tamas Szabo is known for being well organized and precise,so I am convinced that this year’s tournament will also become a great success for the organizer, the participants, the audience, and all related people.

With the 12th World Open Karate Championship scheduled for November 9-10, 2019 in Tokyo, this will be an excellent opportunity to judge the level of the European fighters, who continue to develop at a remarkable rate. It will also be exciting to seethe new generation of fighters in the U-16 & U-21 categories, in addition to the world classbattles that will be seen in the Adults Open and Kata categories.

It is not only hard to organize a tournament like this, but the competitors have also gone through hard training to prepare for this event. Today, you all will have the chance to represent your country with honor, and to demonstrate the result of your hard work! I wish all of you the best of luck.

Lastly, I would also like to thank not only our Branch Chiefs and instructors in Hungary  for their dedication and hard work, but also all of the students and staff who have been working hard to make this a successful event. Thank you everyone!


Kenji Midori
WKO President
Patron of the European Championships

Dear karatefans, fighters, spectators and officials,

As President of European Karate Organization EKO and Vice President of the World Karate Organization, headed by the legendary Kenii Midori shihan, I am very happy to welcome you on the official European Karate Championships of Cadets U16, Youth U22 and Adults in the Open Weight Class. It is a great achievement of the organizing committee under their chairman Arpad Kalmar and Country Representative and legend in karate shihan Furko Kalman.

Worldwide, there is a strong development that many organizations in our so called ‘full contact karate’ work together and unite. A wonderful and important development that will positively influence the lives of many people worldwide.Because our EKO aims for this goal with all might, we have decided to make the ‘open Weight Class’ tpurnament also open to fighters from other organizations. We expect this to succeed and then will expand our initiative.

We are very happy that during this tournament young people from so many countries will meet and compete, thus sharing the heritage of (shin)kyokushin karate: hard fighting, very good sportsmanship, disciplined and polite, modest behavior.

Everybody who knows our fullcontact karate, with the background of the great leader Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, knows that fighting in a tournament creates a bond with opponents. The harder the fight, the more respect develops between opponents. This ‘tournament of the future’ will demonstrate this once again!

I wish you all an unforgettable event. Osu!

Koen Scharrenberg, 6th dan
EKO President
Vice-president of World Karate Organization


We are looking forward to organize the European U-16, U-21 and Adults Open Championships 2018 in Budapest.

It has been a long time since Hungary hosted the last European Championship and I hope that the whole European family feels great to return to Hungary to participate at the top European Karate annual event.

I want to take this opportunity to recognize the work developed by the Hungarian Shinkyokushin during the last years.

It has been always an active and a loyal member not only from the European Karate organization but also from the World Karate organization and I would like to emphasize the enthusiasm of the organizer committee, who could always achieve successful events with a positive atmosphere.

With members like Hungary, it is easy to understand the outstanding progress experienced by the EKO along the last years.

The allocation of this big Karate event to Hungary is something well deserved by the Hungarian Shinkyokushin and I can say, without any doubt, that the upcoming Youth and Adults European Cham-pionships are going to be a new sport success of our continent, and also a new success of the EKO thanks to the inestimable contribution of the outstanding members of the Hungarian Shinkyokushin.

I wish a successful preparation and a good tournament for every participant!

Dr. Laszlo Garamvolgyi
Police Brigadier General
Patron of the European Championships

Dear Sport-loving Audience! Dear Competitors!

It is a great pleasure for me that the European Championship continues in Hungary, Budapest, and again, a prestigious competing field is lined up and try to reach for the champion titles and deserved trophies.This international competition allowed the competiton and joint action of several different age groups in the event to strengthen community and team spirit, respect and discipline, diligence and persistence as the building blocks of society that is being developed during the regular exercise of karate. In addition, young participants have the opportunity to gain international experience.I wish that the visitors to this year's European Championship could feel this spirit and pride to be able to attend this prestigious event.

I wish a great sporting experience for the competitors, for the sport leaders and great experiences for the audience!


Dr. János Mészáros
President of the Hungarian Karate Federation,
Chairman of the National Race Sport Association

Dear Country Representatives, Branch-Chiefs and National Teams!

Last year Hungarian Karate was celebrating its 45th anniversary and it is a great pleasure to introduce my country on this event. We proudly open the next age with such a prestigious event like the most important tournament of Europe, this year's European Karate Championships. You are going to experience the Hungarian hospitality during your short or longer visit in our country. I hope the participants will have the opportunity to explore our city and feel the atmosphere of this beautiful capital.

People around the world say that Budapest is “the city of baths”, furthermore, we have wonderful sights from the Medieval Age until the fertile 20th century. You will find the several possibilities by your interest including activities, arts and participants can also discover the famous Hungarian gastronomy by walking on the historical paths.

I would like to invite your Federation in the name of the Hungarian Shinkyokushin to participate in the European Karate Championships for U-16, U-21 and Adults Open - kata-kumite - 2018. November, Budapest - Hungary.

Enjoy our modern capital and country that hold their traditions from 1100 years.

Welcome to Hungary and Budapest!

Arpad Kalmar
President of the Organizing Committee